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   Hesketh Henry and the Community

NZ Womens Refuge Trust, Erich Bachmann

NZ Sculpture OnShore

Hesketh Henry is a major sponsor of this event which is the largest outdoor sculpture exhibition in New Zealand. It is held bi-annually at the Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve in Devonport. The event has raised over $1.5 million dollars for  Women’s Refuge New Zealand since the first exhibition over a decade ago. The 2014 event raised $180,000 for Women's Refuge. “The board wishes to thank Hesketh Henry and its other generous sponsors and supporters, the inspirational artists who invest considerably in the iconic event, and all the dedicated and passionate volunteers that gave tirelessly and enthusiastically to make NZ Sculpture OnShore a magnificent event for all Aucklanders”, said Chair of NZ Sculpture OnShore Ltd, Sally Dewar.

Yellow Belle - A Women’s Refuge Boutique

Hesketh Henry is also involved with the Women Refuge’s new project, Yellow Belle - A Women’s Refuge Boutique. Kate Telford is a Steering Committee Member for Yellow Belle and Hesketh Henry has provided a range of pro bono legal advice to Women’s Refuge in relation to this venture.

The TYLA Trust

Hesketh Henry has for many years provided pro-bono legal services to The TYLA Trust
which was established in 1996 to identify and provide world class early intervention programmes for "at risk" youth. Originally established in Avondale, West Auckland, TYLA has now set up additional programmes in Otara, South Auckland. It works in conjunction with the Government, the local community, New Zealand Police and other partners, all having a common vision to reduce the number of young offenders in New Zealand.

We are proud to support LIFEWISE, which is an Auckland-based community organisation dedicated to initiating new ways to solve challenging social issues and providing services to families in need, the homeless as well as older and disabled people.

Hesketh Henry has been supporting LIFEWISE  for over 10 years now. Each Christmas the team  works together to collect food and toys which are then distributed by LIFEWISE  to children and families.
Hesketh Henry is involved in sponsorships and pro-bono activities for various community based organisations, as well as supporting charitable organisations such as Lifewise, TYLA  Trust and Friends of Women's Refuge.



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