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Making your Application
Applications can be emailed to kerry.browne@heskethhenry.co.nz or sent to: 
Kerry Browne
General Manager
Hesketh Henry 
Private Bag 92093 
Auckland 1142

As well as an Application Form, we would value a CV which includes, in more detail, 3 to 4 pages:


An overview of your achievements; and specialisations, interests and ambitions. 


  • tertiary education
  • list the qualification, institution and dates. Include major achievements if relevant.
  • professional memberships
  • secondary education
  • list the qualifications and dates. Include significant school achievements.
  • further training & development
  • list relevant courses. Include the training institute and date.
  • skills (optional)
  • you may wish to list any specific skills, knowledge or attributes that are particularly relevant. Again, include any relevant achievements.

Employment/Career History

This is the most important section of your CV (unless you have just graduated). Please give reasonable details of your work history for the last 10 years or from when you started your first position. You should show your most recent position first.

Each position should be clearly separated and include: 
  • date - from (month and year) - to (month and year);
  • organisation - may include a very brief paragraph about the organisation, its products and services;
  • position held (title);
  • responsibilities - you should list the 5 or 6 main functions or responsibilities you actually performed;
  • achievements which highlight relevant skills and attributes; and
  • reasons for leaving (optional, eg. career development).


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