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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

It's not necessarily pleasant, but situations can arise where your interests are threatened and you need to resolve a serious dispute, either by defending a legal claim or bringing one. These situations are often wrapped up in powerful personal dynamics.

The quality of your legal relationship is of paramount importance. You need a lawyer - or legal team - that combines experience with astuteness, excellent advocacy skills and the expertise to develop the best possible strategies for success. At Hesketh Henry we make the effort to understand the underlying dynamics, provide you with support and fight vigorously in your corner.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team has won significant victories on behalf of our clients, and has vast collective experience in dispute resolution options including litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation. We have the capacity and capability to undertake the largest litigations, and a track record of having done so.

While there is no certain outcome to many legal disputes, our lawyers' judgment has been finely honed through many assignments. Members of our team do not shy away from delivering a difficult message. If you are unlikely to succeed then we will tell you. Likewise we will recommend against settlement if we consider the proposed settlement terms unfavourable.


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