Proudly Announcing Our Toitū Net Carbonzero Certification

We are excited to share that our firm has achieved Toitū net carbonzero certification. This significant milestone demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental practices.

What does Toitū net carbonzero mean? 

Being Toitū net carbonzero certified means we have put in place strategies to manage, reduce, and offset our greenhouse gas emissions. Each year we will seek opportunities to reduce and offset any remaining identified emissions. This rigorous process ensures that we not only meet but also strive to exceed the standards for carbon neutrality.

Our commitment to sustainability 

Achieving this certification reflects our ongoing efforts to minimise our environmental impact.

Our journey toward a sustainable future involves:

  • Annual Measurement: Regularly tracking our carbon emissions to maintain transparency and accountability.
  • Ongoing Reductions: Implementing strategies and practices to continuously lower our carbon footprint.
  • Compensation: Investing in projects and initiatives that offset our remaining emissions, ensuring that our net impact is zero.

We believe that achieving Toitū net carbonzero certification is just the beginning.  We are committed to sustainability, and will continue to innovate and implement solutions that support a greener, healthier planet.

Together, we can make a significant impact.

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