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Construction Law Update - May 2017
This note summaries recent construction law decisions and developments in New Zealand.  Written by Nick Gillies.  
Trial Period Notice - What Notice?
Just when we thought that the law around trial periods was settling down and we knew where we all stood, the ground has shifted again. The latest wrinkle is, once again, around the concept of giving notice of  a trial period termination.  Written by Alison Maelzer.  
Hesketh Henry Partner to chair The Build Summit
Hesketh Henry Partner, Nick Gillies, has been invited to chair The Build Summit in Auckland on 26 - 27 June 2017. 
Is an Inheritance Trust Worthwhile?

We are often asked by parents how they can protect the inheritance they will provide for their children- keeping it safe from relationship property and creditor claims.  Written by Mary Joy Simpson.

Criminal Law and Employment Law - when worlds collide

The Sunday Star Times led with a front page article "Bayleys agent Tonya Spicer was sacked after police 'leaked' unlawful information to her employer”. The headline article continues with surprise that Ms Spicer, having been found not guilty of supplying methamphetamine could then be sacked by her employer. Written by Jim Roberts

You're fired! Summary Dismissal - Do I still need a process?

Most employers won’t relish the idea of having to fire someone. However, sometimes an employee’s actions (or inactions) may be so serious that the decision to terminate the employee’s employment might not appear to be a difficult one. Written by Jim Roberts and Nina Thomson.

A contractual duty of good faith: Young v Tower Insurance Ltd [2016] NZHC 2956

A High Court judge has held that a mutual duty of good faith is implied in every insurance contract.  Damages may be awarded for breach of that duty.  Written by Christina Bryant and Richard Belcher.


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