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Intelligent structure and strategy to protect your net worth now and in the future

Hesketh Henry has a specialist team for estate planning, wealth management and relationship property issues. The services we offer for protecting personal wealth are relevant to individuals, families and owners of small-to-medium sized businesses.

Unlike smaller law firms, where lawyers need to work across multiple areas of law, our private wealth lawyers are dedicated solely to legal advice and services that are connected to protecting and growing private wealth. Their level of specialisation has made them fast and efficient, especially when it comes to legal planning for complex family trust and succession arrangements.

You can trust your Hesketh Henry wealth management lawyer to quickly understand your current situation and short, medium and long-term goals. These will help to shape an action plan that looks after your best interests.

Hesketh Henry’s private wealth team can be engaged to assist with estate planning, forming, restructuring and administering any type of trust, including international trusts, enduring powers of attorney; insurance advice; succession planning and wills  and contracts related to the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

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Examples of work completed by our team include:

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Partner, Mary Joy Simpson ranked in Band 1 of the prestigious Chambers HNW (High Net Worth) Directory 2021.
Partner, John Kirkwood ranked in the prestigious Chambers HNW (High Net Worth) Directory 2021.
Partner, Emma Tonkin ranked in the prestigious Chambers HNW (High Net Worth) Directory 2021.

Insights & Opinion / Private Wealth

Is your will in draft form?  High Court refuses to exercise its discretionary power to validate a draft will notwithstanding beneficiaries’ consent
The High Court’s recent decision in Re: An application to validate the will of Olive Ruby Piper [2021] NZHC 534 serves as a valuable reminder to make sure that your estate planning documents are...
16.09.2021 Posted in Private Wealth
COVID-19: Considerations for trustees
Navigating Uncertain Times for Trustees – considerations in light of Coronavirus
04.06.2020 Posted in COVID-19 & Private Wealth
Trustee Meetings Key: Duty on Trustees under the Trusts Act to consider exercising their powers
The Trusts Act 2019 ("Act") comes into force on 30 January 2021 and with it comes the partial codification of trustee duties.
16.04.2020 Posted in Private Wealth
How will the Trusts Act 2019 affect me?
The Trusts Act 2019 comes into force in less than a year
20.02.2020 Posted in Private Wealth
Take Care with Beneficiary Loan Accounts in Credit
It is common for family trusts to resolve that a distribution be made to beneficiaries but the actual amount paid to the beneficiaries is less than the authorised “distribution”.  In the ...
04.02.2020 Posted in Private Wealth
A trust on a trust – how strange is that?
In New Zealand we are trust crazy and owning a home in trust is common place. For many, just as for Mr Hodgkinson in Judd v Hawkes Bay Trustee Company Limited [2016] NZCA 397, the trust has been set u...
21.10.2019 Posted in Private Wealth
Hesketh Henry’s Private Wealth Team are leading the way
"Dynamite Lawyers" as quoted in the new Chambers HNW directory for 2019
16.07.2019 Posted in Private Wealth
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