Workshop 4 – Misconduct – Managing the Minefield

Employment Law Workshop - Best Laid Plans: The Disciplinary Process

On paper, a disciplinary process can appear to be a straightforward exercise.  In practice, it can often be the complete opposite.
In this workshop, we provide an overview of the law as it relates to disciplinary investigations and the disciplinary process.
We will also work through some ‘real life’ scenarios that demonstrate some common substantive slip-ups and procedural pitfalls: 

  • “Susie has been charged for drink driving outside of work.  Between you and me, I think drink driving is awful and I don’t trust her judgement now.  Can I fire her?” 
  • “The CCTV on the shop floor recorded images of Bob grabbing Johnny by the collar of his shirt.  Bob says he only grabbed Johnny because he was being racially harassed.  Should I discipline Bob? Is it a warning or can I fire him?” 
  • “This is doing my head in.  Mary has been sending emails and text messages at all hours to her manager and other employees that are really weird and sometimes quite aggressive and rude.  I think the content of the messages requires a disciplinary process, but I’ve heard from Tim, another staff member, that Mary has been out drinking regularly.  Tim reckons that Mary might be having a depressive episode.  What am I supposed to do?”

Time:                  10:00 am – 12 noon (2 hours).

Cost:                   $395 per person plus GST.

Presenter:          Sam Houliston, Senior Associate and Eloise Callister-Baker, Solicitor, Hesketh Henry

Parking is available free of charge at the Downtown Carpark.  Please advise reception on arrival.

Refreshments will be provided.  Spaces are strictly limited.

Our workshops are limited to a small group of attendees to allow for interaction and questions, so register now to secure your place.

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