Alan Sherlock

Alan is a consultant in our Disputes Team.

Alan has a wide ranging commercial litigation practice, now predominantly focused on resolution of insurance claims but over time including banking and finance, insolvency and construction law as well as more general claims in contract and tort.

Alan’s insurance law expertise includes marine insurance, fire and general, reinsurance and third party liability (especially directors’ and officers’ liability insurance and professional indemnity cover).

Alan also has a specialist interest and expertise in maritime law, and has acted for a wide range of marine insurers and commercial shipping enterprises.

Before joining Hesketh Henry in 1998, Alan practised for a total of five years in London, and worked for four years with a national law firm.

Alan is a member of the Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand, and the New Zealand Insurance Law Association.  He has written a number of articles on marine and insurance law topics in New Zealand and in England.

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Examples of work completed by Alan include:

  • Acting for major national insurers on a large number of complex policy claims arising out of the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence.
  • Advising directors and officers’ insurers in respect of claims alleging the misleading of investors in public offerings and breach of the anti-cartel provisions of the Commerce Act.
  • Advising the insurers of an aquaculture feed producer in respect of a $50m claim alleging that incorrect manufacturing techniques had led to major detriment to production and quality levels at a series of salmon farms.
  • Prosecuting a $20m claim for losses incurred by the head contractor for the Spark Arena due to defects in the design.
  • Defending a claim that deficiencies in the repair of the stern seal and exhaust system on a luxury 120 foot sailing yacht led to the yacht being unable to reach safe harbour in time and thereby suffering extensive damage from passing through a tropical cyclone.  The claim was settled on advantageous terms part way through a four week trial.
  • Enforcing a possessory lien over the sale proceeds of a vessel in priority to the ship’s mortgagee: Babcock Fitzroy Ltd v The Ship “Southern Pasifika” [2012] 2 NZLR 652.
  • Gaining a ruling in the High Court that a claim in Admiralty by Hesketh Henry’s shipping agent clients (following the arrest of a vessel) took priority over rights asserted by the South Korean administrator of the ship owner’s parent company under cross border insolvency rules:  Kim and Yu v STX Pan Ocean Co Limited [2014] NZHC845.
  • Acting for the owners of a cargo vessel in respect of salvage, general average and hull insurance issues following the vessel grounding on a reef while under guidance by tugs.
  • Prosecuting a claim against repairers in respect of the breakage of a connecting rod and consequent disintegration of a super yacht main engine.
  • In a large confidential information case, obtaining orders for search and seizure of electronic and paper records at three sites in New Zealand, co-ordinating those steps to take place at the same time as searches in Australia pursuant to parallel proceedings there, and pursuing the subsequent litigation against the defendant parties.

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