Jodi Sharman

LLM (Hons) / LLB / BSc
Jodi Sharman is a Partner in the Employment Law Team.

Jodi has been practising employment law for nearly two decades, and has considerable experience in working with employees, employers and unions on a wide range of employment law matters and litigation issues.  Jodi has appeared in the Employment Relations Authority, Employment Court, District Court and High Court, and frequently represents clients in negotiations and mediations.

Jodi is a member of The Law Association, and its Employment Law Committee, as well as the New Zealand Law Society.  Her expertise in the employment law sector has been recognised by the major legal directories, including Chambers Asia-Pacific.

Jodi enjoys the people factor in employment law and being involved in the employment law issues facing clients who operate in different industries and professions.  She brings a pragmatic approach to legal issues with a focus on client communication and delivering practical and commercial outcomes.


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Examples of work completed by Jodi include:

  • Raising and defending personal grievances.
  • Redundancy and restructuring advice, including employment law obligations when buying or selling a business.
  • Advice and guidance regarding disciplinary, performance management and medical incapacity processes.
  • Advising on compliance with the Holidays Act 2003, including business audits.
  • Drafting employment documentation, employment agreements and policies.
  • Enforcing restraints of trade.
  • Successful defence of a personal grievance claim: Lim v Kerrick Industries Ltd [2013] NZERA Auckland 102 and Lim v Kerrick Industries Ltd [2013] NZERA Auckland 27.
  • Litigation that ensured compliance with a collective agreement: Corrections Association of New Zealand v Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections ERA Auckland AA488/10, 18 November 2010.
  • Successful litigation regarding the coverage clauses of multiple collective agreements: Aviation and Marine Engineers Association Inc v Air New Zealand Ltd [2013] NZEmpC 172 and Aviation and Marine Engineers Association Inc v Air New Zealand Ltd [2013] NZEmpC 99 and Air New Zealand Ltd v Aviation and Marine Engineers Association Inc [2014] NZCA 172.
  • Successful defence of a personal grievance claim: Sylva v Counties Power Ltd [2017] NZERA Auckland 191.

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