Emma Tonkin

LLB (Hons) / BA
Emma moved into private wealth originally from a background in property and property finance.

Emma specialises in private wealth, real estate and overseas investment. She principally advises clients on their property rights and obligations; whether they arise through:

  • Being a settlor, trustee or beneficiary of a trust  
  • Relationships between spouses, civil union partners and de-facto partners
  • Investment in New Zealand real estate or land related assets; or
  • Lending or borrowing within families

Emma has advised on a wide variety of business and lifestyle assets including forestry, coastal farmland, quarry/mining assets and greenfield residential development.  This expertise is valuable for clients because so many of these assets are held in New Zealand through trusts.

With increased scrutiny on trusts, proper trust governance is very important, as is determining whether a particular trust still serves the right purpose.  Emma can review your existing trust to help you develop a plan for the future.  She can also assist you with other parts of the estate planning process; including preparing wills and enduring powers of attorney.

Emma is also an expert in relation to the Overseas Investment Act 2005 (as amended).  She guides clients through the often complex process of working with the Overseas Investment Office on both applications and enforcement matters.

Emma advises both vendors and purchasers in relation to their regulatory obligations, and has worked closely with overseas investors over the past few years where change has been a constant. 

As an advisor, Emma brings an empathetic approach to her work.  She is adept at understanding family dynamics and, enjoys helping generations with their succession planning, particularly as a large part of the private wealth market in New Zealand matures. 

Emma is a regular speaker at seminars on Trust Law.  She is also a member of The Law Association’s Trust Law Committee.


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