Employment Law Workshop: Restructure and Redundancy Workshop, 28th July 2020

Workshop 28 July 2020

Sadly, stories of mass redundancies have dominated the media in recent months.  The news media tends to make it sound as if the employer has simply announced a redundancy, “due to COVID-19”.  What the news stories tend not to describe is the thorough consultation process and substantive justification that would (or should!) have led to these outcomes.  As difficult as this time may be for businesses, employers must remember that COVID-19 cannot not be used to bypass employment law. 
In this workshop we will cover the following:

  • What law applies?
  • Drafting a restructure proposal
  • When do you need selection criteria, and what should this be?
  • How and what to consult on
  • What happens after a decision is made?
  • Different strategies (settlement, without prejudice conversations, etc) and associated risks.


    Time:                  2.00 pm – 4.00 pm (2 hours).

    Cost:                   $395 per person plus GST.


    Alison Maelzer, Partner, Hesketh Henry  and Eloise Callister-Baker, Solicitor, Hesketh Henry

    Refreshments will be provided.  Spaces are strictly limited.

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