Lifewise and Hesketh Henry

For many years Hesketh Henry has donated food and similar items to Lifewise at Christmas.  This year was no different with staff and partners contributing to this amazing cause.  These donations go directly to those in need – Lifewise has systems to ensure the food is allocated to those who are in desperate need and who are looking for assistance in making positive and sustainable changes to their circumstances.  

Lifewise is a significant organisation that provides social services to a range of people across Auckland.  They are at the forefront of implementing strategies to deal with the immediate and long term causes and impacts of homelessness, and have dedicated teams to deal with the homeless, particularly housing rough sleepers.  

Lifewise do not operate the Auckland City Mission free meal service but deal directly with the homeless and have an excellent record of housing people who through various circumstances find themselves in difficult times. They also provide a range of other positive services including budgeting and life-skills/vocational training, so they don’t just deal with the immediate need – they work on turning peoples lives around.  Lifewise focuses on Auckland (including the CBD) and to date has housed over 1,000 rough sleepers, finding many of them jobs.  The results they achieve are amazing.

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