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Update - Rent Reviews........What Can Tenants Do?

Written by Joanne Chilvers on March 29th, 2016.

Market rent reviews are often a source of disagreement between landlords and tenants as to the level of the reviewed rent.............



Written by Joanne Chilvers and Emily Black on May 18th, 2015.

Tiled Showers have the potential to become the new "leaky" issue for unsuspecting vendors and purchasers.  The current trend in bathroom renovations, (particularly in homes considered more upmarket), is to replace stainless steel or acrylic shower trays and liners with fully tiled shower cubicles and/or wet rooms.  This trend has undoubtedly been assisted by the recent popularity of home renovation shows on television and the fact that rising Auckland house prices mean home owners have increased equity against which they can borrow to fund major renovations.

Maintenance & Repair Obligations under a Commercial Lease

Written by Joanne Chilvers on November 7th, 2014.

The extent of a tenant's responsibility to maintain and repair their premises under a commercial lease is something that often causes concern for both landlords and tenants alike and is not always easy to determine.  Written by Joanne Chilvers.

Rent Reviews - What can you do?

Written by Joanne Chilvers on May 15th, 2014.

Rent reviews are a fairly frequent occurrence in most leases and often a source of disagreement between landlords and tenants as to what level the reviewed rent should be set at.  If you have received a notice from your landlord stating that you have a rent review due and the landlord wishes to increase your rent, then unless you are happy to pay the increased rent the first thing to do is to obtain a copy of your lease and check the rent review provisions.  By Joanne Chilvers, Solicitor, Hesketh Henry

Commercial Tenancies: Yield Up, Make Good & Reinstatement

Written by Ben Hickson on November 11th, 2013.

Obligations to make good and reinstate a premises at the end of a lease are not usually at the forefront of the mind of someone who is about to enter into a new lease or take an assignment of an existing lease.  This is particularly the case where a business is in its early phases - it is easy for the business owner to get caught up in the excitement of their new venture and often their optimism and eagerness to get into the premises and start trading can cloud their judgement when it comes to negotiating the finer terms of the lease

Commercial Tenancies - Parting with Possession

Written by Ben Hickson on November 11th, 2012.

Obtaining landlord consent to an assignment or sublease of your lease is a standard requirement for commercial tenancies. While a tenant wishing to exit a lease will generally remain liable for the extent of the term of the lease (even following an assignment), a savvy outgoing tenant will try to improve its position by negotiating a release of its liability in place of new securities from an incoming tenant.

Selling a House You've Built or Renovated? What You Need to Know, Before You Sell

Written by Joanne Chilvers on November 11th, 2007.

In this article, Joanne Chilvers, solicitor, and Monica Rodgers, legal executive, with the Auckland Lawlink firm of Hesketh Henry, bring to our attention what a seller needs to know before selling their property.

Construction Contracts Act 2002 – Important Lessons Still Not Learnt Three Years On

Written by Joanne Chilvers on November 11th, 2006.

The Construction Contracts Act 2002 ushered in a new approach to construction contracts and changed the balance of power between principal and contractors. The purpose of the Act is:
  • to facilitate regular and timely payments between the parties to a construction contract; and
  • to provide for the speedy resolution of disputes arising under a construction contract; and
  • to provide remedies for the recovery of payments under a construction contract.
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